Way Forward in Haiti Meeting with Assistant Secretary of State Brian Nichols - Shared screen with speaker view
Vincent Coq
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Amén 🙏🏽🙏
Gordon Whitman
Welcome Bishop Quesnel! Thank you for joining us from Haiti.
Michelle Roose
Yes! I think it's important to give Haiti space to make their own improvements ❤️
Ronald Snyder
What will be the stance of the US toward Henry government after Feb 7?
Gordon Whitman
Feel free to put questions and comments in the chat and after we get through the four main topics we will see if we can include other questions and follow ups.
Bob Maguire
Frustration with duration of Haitian process? We are all frustrated with the set-backs to democratic process over the past decade. What is Nichol's assessment of the two year transition proposed by the Montana Group? Will the US support that, or must Haiti's sausage-making process not be accorded that 'luxury'?
The focus should be on a transitional goverment to create the enviroment for an election. Anything less will countinue the pain in the country.
Jhenny Saint-surin
An economic and security base requires food sovereignty .
Ruth Sheets
I keep wondering why we, the Biden administration chooses to deport Hatian migrants when Haiti is clearly struggling and has few places for them to go.
ricot dupuy
Please Mr Nichols let us have a clear answer to the question: Will the US accept the prime Minister havinf veto power over what is decided eventually in the negotiations?
Gordon Whitman
Key priorities shared with State Department
Gordon Whitman
1. Transitional government: State Department support for the broad civil society effort to create a legitimate transitional government, without granting the current prime minister a de-facto veto over the transition process. As part of this commitment hold high-level consultations with the Commission for a Haitian-Led Solution.
Gordon Whitman
2. Rule of Law: Use every tool available to support Haitian efforts against impunity by (a) placing Haitian politicians and business people responsible for human rights abuses and corruption, including those connected to the Martelly and MoĂŻse regimes, on the Global Magnitsky list, with sanctions, such as withdrawing visas and freezing assets; (b) communicating to the Department of Justice the need to pursue corruption cases with a nexus to U.S., (c) working with civic organizations and the international community to build a Haitian-led anti-impunity institution; (d) tightening export enforcement on guns and ensuring that weapons to the police are not misused; and (e) supporting the Haitian judicial system to increase the ability for people to safely report violence and extortion.
Prospere Charles
One of the first solutions to Haiti's problems is to stop making the US a defacto decision-maker in the national affairs of the country. This is the first step, while being mindful of the geopolitical and other importance of the US...
Tom Luce
Why aren’t we talking about the followup of the “Commission for a Hatian led Solution= Montana Accord and the elections that are being held? Will the US support this process?
Jacques Bingue
@TOm Luce. The Montana Accord and Ariel Accord are an illegal (Unconstitutional) accords. They need to merge and upgrade them to constitutional documents
Michelle Roose
Prospere Charles- yes!!!
Tom Luce
Thanks Jacques, but…. The process of getting a transition group is the issue. Ariel NO, Louisiana NO, Montana??? YES.
Jacques Bingue
Tom, there is very little difference between the Montana and Louisiana Accords
Tom Luce
Jacques? Louisiana was paid for and done in Louisiana by the Henry government and they chose the provisional officers in secret. Montana: holding elections, have nationwide representation —peasants, artists, politicians, even PEN! There is a huge difference between Louisiana and Montana!
Jacques Bingue
@Tom: All of the accords so far are unconstitutional
Louis Elisa
While we can and will differ on the approaches to governance, there can be no debate on the demand and need for support and change related to services and development. Boston Black COVID Coalition (BBCC) has for the past four months has been servicing the Immigrant Family Services Institute (, IFSI) with Testing Vaccines, food and clothing, which is what we can do right here and right now. But we are working with the International Black Emergency managers Association Inc (BEMA) tht is committed to working specifically on the Prime power restoration and Municipal Infrastructure Repairs which will send a message of STABILITY and create and atmosphere for progressive growth and change. There has to be an idea or concept of STABILITY and growth.
Charlie Hinton
Join Haiti Action Committee’s webinar this Saturday: Haiti at the Crossroads: Rebuilding Popular DemocracyA webinar on Saturday January 29th11am to 1pm REGISTER HEREwww.haitisolidarity.net Facebook: Haiti Action Committee
Gordon Whitman
3. Community-led Development: Support Haitian-led development by shifting the flow of U.S. development assistance to Haiti from international companies and NGOs to Haitian organizations and following Haitian civil society priorities, such as agricultural self-sufficiency. As part of this commitment, organize a meeting with USAID Administrator Samantha Power, State Department Leadership, and Haitian civil society and faith-based organizations, to plan concrete changes in how USAID operates in Haiti.
ricot dupuy
Martine Moise said publicly she suspects Ariel Henry's involvement in the assassination Of Jovenel Moise. Jovenel's son and his lawyesrs maintain that Ariel Henry is the main impediment to a fair trial, the majority of Haitians, as expressed by their comments on radio stations and social media, are conviced of Ariel's guilt, isn't the US taking a big reputational risk in continuing to support Ariel?
Tom Luce
Jacques, but what is essential is having nation wide involvement and a plan that will work. So the decision is whether to go with Ariel, Louisiana, or Montana. Which is the most representative?
Brian Concannon
Great question Francois. Disappointing that Amb. Nichols did not address your point that the US' support picked PM Henry as the winner. It is also disappointing that he interprets people asking US to stop propping up the current government and allow the Haitian process to play out as a call for US to remove and replace.
Tom Luce
Yes Brian! Exactly what needs to be said! Many thanks!
Jacques Bingue
@Tom: isn't Fritz Jean who Louisiana selected as interim President also a candidate in the Montana selection process for interim President?
Alan Yarborough, HAWG, Episcopal Church
Great point, Brian. Thank you.
Tom Luce
Jacques, it’s not a candidate but the whole transition process. Louisiana does not compare at all with Montana. Not to mention Ariel!
Gordon Whitman
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Gordon Whitman
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ricot dupuy
Please find a way to get back to the fundamental question, Is a veto power of Ariel Henry over the the outcome of the negotiations acceptable to the US? That question must be answered and has not been answered so far
Lise Afoy
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Tom Luce
Ricot, so correct!
Tom Luce
Mr. Nichols is still keeping PM -de facto- Henry in control along with the CORE group and the Canada Jan. 21 conference!!!
Tom Luce
“Haitian government”???? Who????
Gordon Whitman
Our perspective is to route funding through Haitian institutions, civil society and under the right conditions local government, but not foreign contractors.
Louis Elisa
Scripture also speaks of putting new wine into OLD sacks!
FAITHINACTION-MEETING OF WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2022Way Forward in Haiti Meetingwith Assistant Secretary of State Brian NicholsOpening PrayerBy Msgr. Pierre André PierreThe National Center of the Haitian ApostolateLord, our God.We need inspiration. We need light. We need guidance. We come to you and call upon your name as we start this important meeting today to hopefully move towards achieving a solution to the ongoing crisis that strikes your people, our people of Haiti.We want to be witnesses of your light in the middle of our world, and for this reason, we ask for your help.We also want to thank you, Lord, our God, for keeping us working together, for any positive step made so far, and for being witnesses to those that are missing, those that encourage us to continue in the task, even in the midst of difficulties, knowing how to pick up the torch and to carry on. What a magnificent task we have entrusted to us! We trust that you will germinate the effort and commitment that we put into it.
Work can generate physical and mental exhaustion, but do not allow emotional exhaustion or feeling of discouragement to be present. We ask for your help, your strength, and your encouragement with your presence. May your beloved Spirit be with us to carry out the task.Amen.
Tom Luce
When are we going to evaluate the situation of the “Accords” as the process for getting a transition government that is going to arrive at a “Haitian” solution to the failed “government”???
Gordon Whitman
4. Protecting Haitian migrants: Halt deportation flights to Haiti, given the lack of security and humanitarian crisis facing Haiti, grant humanitarian parole to Haitian migrants facing deportation in the U.S. and those stuck in dangerous limbo in Mexico, and re-open the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince to allow people to apply for the Haitian Family Reunification Parole program.
Louis Elisa
Please speak to the broader community support of Haitian Immigrants and how that helps mitigate the on boarding challenges,gwhitman@faithinaction.org,
Gabrielle Apollon
We also know that the State Department, and the US Embassy, provides assessments regarding security in Haiti and it is used to asses whether it is safe to expel/deport people to Haiti--in light of everything that Sec. Nichols has said regarding the grave security situation in Haiti, what has the State Department's assessment been regarding this and how have they advised ICE/DHS in this matter?
Tom Luce
All these problems haven’t been solved yet which is why we’re looking at a transition to a successful government. Things have gotten far worse since the loss of Mr. Moïse. We need to adopt a transition process. Why isn’t this being discussed? Unconstitutional? So is the current “government” constitutional??
Charlie Hinton
A lot of words to not answer the questions and say nothing
Gordon Whitman
Assistant Sec. Nichols, have you recommended to DHS that they not expel Haitians giving the current conditions in Haiti?
Gladys w/Rep. McGovern
How can the administration help to stop the deportation of Haitians to a country that has a 1% vaccination rate.
ricot dupuy
I am insisting that this meeting should not end without a clear answer by Mr Nichols of the critical question that I asked: Is a veto power of Ariel Henry of the outcome of the negotiations acceptable to the US.? If that question is not answered and clearly, this meeting will not have too useful? That is the mother of all questions
Gabrielle Apollon
The US is also actively expelling extremely vulnerable Haitians, including babies who are only several days old, paralyzed and severely disabled children and adults -- how can the US justify this and continue to contravene its non-refoulement obligations?
Tom Luce
Yes to Ricot’s demand! No answer to keeping the current people in charge of Haiti!
Brian Concannon
Well said Ricot.
Mark Snyder
Is a veto power of Ariel Henry of the outcome of the negotiations acceptable to the US?
Louis Elisa
Kiddnappiong is a regular aspect of Mexico travel
Eno Mondesir
From Eno Mondesir to Assistant Secretary of State, Nichols: Honorable Nichols, Thank you for your availability to meet with us. I am always baffled by the level of Unaccountability on a grand scale between Haiti, the Citizens of Haiti and the International Community. Taking just a single step back to the 2010 earthquake where so MUCH MONEY left the US to help the people in Haiti. There is very little to show for the $billions given to the Haitian Government. How can you help us build trust when there have not reasons to build trust? Thank you.
Thank you Mr. Secretary...
Sasha Filippova (IJDH)
Further to the question from Ricot: the U.S. is calling for Haitians to come together, but it is not realistic for everyone to agree (our own country is an example of why that is not a reasonable expectation). So is there an agreement among Haitians that does not include Henry that USG would accept? And, if not, how is that not the US granting Henry a veto?
Ruth Sheets
Vincent Coq
thks for being with us Sec Nichols
Dieufort Fleurissaint
Heartfelt gratitude to you, Honorable assistant Secretary Nichols for being with us today.
Brian Concannon
Gratitude to Faith in Action for this event!!